Mark has been on heroin for 25 years, only 14 less than me.

I met him years ago, but recently in Winchester prison. He was doing well and when he came out he and his wife Sarah, also on heroin, became part of the church. Mark gave his life, as did Sarah, and we supported them. However Mark wanted a job which was difficult and gradually they slipped away and both got back on H.


Mark couldn’t get any funding to go to rehab and 4 weeks ago I met them both on a beach near Southampton. I visited them every day with food etc. praying for them. After 3 days they said “when am I going to feel sick?” They DIDN’T and both came off H with NO withdrawal symptoms! PRAISE JESUS!!

This is exactly the same that JESUS did for me 23 years ago.

Mark is now helping me with the food project and he is sharing Jesus with all his old friends.


GOD is fantastic, as always.