Last week Bob went to court with Nina. She’s Iranian and was baptized 8 years ago. She is disabled with 3 kids. The Local Authority wanted to stop her housing  and disability benefits, allowing a housing allowance of £50p/week compared to the £900 required. In addition they wanted to evict her and the children. God through Bob won in court, and all has been restored for the next 3 years-No eviction and housing + Disability benefit fully restored.


Tuesday we fed 48 families and 80 homeless people. Thursday 2 unexpected van loads of good food arrived-fruit, vegetables, and meat-all good quality. Another 40 odd families and some homeless people fed. This made a total of over 200 fed this week. (2 years ago we set out with 50 families, then in faith doubled it to 100. It continues to increase).


We have also arranged for a weekend retreat at Lea Abbey June 23-Christian retreat workshop to take everybody we can who needs mental healing, help etc.


In prayer we are now feeding more than ever before, but they all need it.

We also need premises to rent to store food, and a book keeper/accountant to record finances.